RCA 10.07.10 Meeting Minutes

RCA Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2010

1.  Combined Federal Campaign Discussion: Arleta Vogan proposed RCA look at submitting an application for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This will provide additional funding to support programs to include boxing, cheerleading and baseball at Gibbs Elementary or the Rosedale Youth Institute.  She will review the application process, criteria and determine if RCA can gain the Combined Federal Campaign status.

2.  Andrea, with Greater DC Cares is interested in building capacity at the community level. Greater DC Cares will work to identify individuals with skills in the community and match them to the needs of the community. Examples include Tax Preparation/GED and Home Maintenance experts created in other communities. Currently, within the Rosedale community Teach Yoga is working with moms who have children in after school programs. The instructor will work with parents who have children in after school programs. The programs have the potential to be held at the Rosedale Rec Center.

Question: What is the date of completion for the Rosedale Recreation Center and will they provide an enclosed Olympic size swimming pool?

 Response: Completion is projected for Fall of 2011. There are no plans for an indoor pool option, however RCA can inquire. Alternative options include a dome for the pool.

3.  Brittney Lovejoy: Virginia Tech 5th year Landscape Architecture student discussed her thesis project to help create a design scheme for more sustainable, usable open space for the Kingman Park/Rosedale neighborhood.  After surveying vacant lots, she was able to identity vacant lots that can be used for green space, farmers market or other outdoor space. She encouraged the group to provide feedback on the project.  She will provide updates as she moves to complete the project.

4.  Hannah provided information on the Grief Support Group.  There is also a concern about violence at 19th and Benning Rd.  Suggestions to decrease crime include a better working relationship with community police in the PSA 103 that serve the Ward 5 neighborhood.

5.  Outreach Committee:  RCA will request Safeway sponsor a computer room at the new recreation center.

6.  Coach Stephan "Chubb" Starks has 11 children from 5 – 7:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and some Fridays to teach boxing.  Groups include Pee Wee to Heavy Weight boxers.  This program is in need of funding to secure equipment.

Meeting adjourned

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