Starburst Plaza CaBi Station Installation Today!

If the weather permits, DDOT’s Capital Bikeshare team is scheduled to install a Bikeshare station on the Starburst Plaza at mid-day, Wednesday, Oct 27.  MACTEC and DDOT representatives, pictured below, scoped out the location in a site review on Friday, October 22.

The installation is scheduled to take place from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm Wednesday Oct 27, and during this brief period, the DDOT Bikeshare team will need to block the northbound bus stop on Bladensburg Road beside the Starburst Plaza in order to unload and install the Bikeshare station. During this period, two of the three northbound lanes – the curb lane and the middle lane – will be closed to traffic from the Starburst intersection to Maryland Avenue. The other northbound lane will remain open to traffic, including the Metrobuses. WMATA has been notified, and has made arrangements to accommodate bus passengers at a nearby location during this two-hour interruption of use of the regular bus stop.

This will be the third Bikeshare station to be put in place along or near the H Street Corridor. The others are on the northeast sidewalk of the 13th and H Streets intersection beside the former R. L. Christian Library, and on the southeast side of the 3rd and H Streets intersection next to the H Street Liquors parking lot and catty-cornered across the street from the Senate Square residential complex.

The DDOT Capital Bikeshare team continues to work on other H Street locations for Bikeshare stations. MACTEC, as DDOT’s construction managers for the H Street and Benning Road Reconstruction Projects, and the construction contractor, Capitol Paving of DC, work closely with the DDOT Bikeshare team to facilitate Bikeshare station installations at locations decided upon by DDOT in consultation with the community. For more information about Capitol Bikeshare, please visit www.capitalbikeshare.com.

And, as always, please call on us whenever you would like additional information or assistance.
Margaret Gentry

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