ANC6A07 Candidate - Necothia "Nikki" Bowens

What is my Commitment to Rosedale?


•I am a product of my community and for many years Rosedale has been yearning for a harvest. “I am that harvest”.

I am proud to be the 4th generation to be raised in the Rosedale Community. For many years my Great-Grandparents and Elders of this Community have taught me the value of home and community which has given me strong beliefs in “good neighbors and community relations”, without these two key components, a community will never rise. I took those lessons and have applied those values to my life, and I believe those lessons will endure the great weight for this season.

•I am more than ready and willing to serve while working with Community and City Officials to further the growth and development of Rosedale and the District of Columbia.

Willing Worker and Servants Heart: I have prided myself in being willing to help others beyond my family and immediate friends. I served as Deaconess in my previous Church home and currently work in the capacity of Missionary in my new Church home. I believe in supporting and uplifting anyone in their hour of need, and I especially believe in community service and the idea of every hand being busy during the harvest.

Currently I serve as President of Rosedale’s Citizen’s Alliance, for which I have been honored to serve for two (2) terms. One of the many great benefits of volunteering is being able to work with the youth of Rosedale, as I am the Flag/Color Guard Team coach for the Rosedale Tigers Football team through the Rosedale Youth Institute. I also am a member of the ANC6A Community Outreach Committee.

My capacity to lead is not limited to community, although it is my passion, I also lend a hand with nationwide Non-Profit organizations by coordinating and planning various events. I participate annually in fund raising for Breast Cancer Awareness, Sickle Cell Foundation, Leukemia and Lymphoma society as well as the National and Local Roller Skating Organizations.

One of my many passions is roller-skating, and over the years I have experienced great joy while working with varies organizations that teach and promote family fitness, health, and fun through the art and sport of roller-skating for all ages.

As a Small business owner, I strongly believe in Entrepreneurship and community empowerment.

•I am concerned about the Social and Economic Environment, Communication, Programming, Community Relations, Public Safety and Education in Rosedale as well as our Neighboring Communities.

There are many issues which plaque our community and with lack of aid, we will continue to see our hope for change crippled.

It is my belief when there are social activities for the community, for both young and old, it creates an atmosphere that will lead to hope and inevitable change. The economics of our community needs to be addressed so that all who reside in Rosedale and neighboring communities will benefit. Also, with the aid of the city, we can build better community relations, which can lead to greater public safety. When there is less idle time, there are more productive minds!

Rosedale is being offered the best in resources.

Here is what I offer you as Commissioner:  History, Innovation, Community Relations, Creativity, Socialism, and Networking resources. I bring with me to this position, 25 years of Management experience and 30 years of volunteerism.

10 years of Marketing and Promotions. I can offer all of these things because I am passionate about our community, "Rosedale" and its future. "I CARE".

I will ensure everyone in the community will be engaged to further the growth of Rosedale and our city, both socially and economically.

“I believe if you feel better about where you live, you will live better.”

Necothia “Nikki” Bowens

I would like to hear from you, please call or email me with your comments, questions, suggestions or concerns

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Anonymous said...

It was so refreshing to meet you tonight! I have lived in ANC 6A07 for a number of years. It is time for change! Necothia "Nikki" Bowens, you have my vote and support! Best Wishes!