ANC6A05 Candidate - William Mohring

Hello neighbors, I am William Mohring, and I am a candidate for ANC6A05 because of my deeply rooted belief that government should work for people. Government, however, can only be as good as the people who participate in the process, and it is my full intention to bring a citizen-centered approach to solving our neighborhood problems. I have always been involved in my local community, whether it was organizing fundraisers to benefit charitable organizations and events to inform the community of issues affecting us, or serving as a mentor in an after school program here in Ward 6. The opportunity to represent you and our neighborhood would be an honor and a privilege.

As your commissioner, I would advocate for:

Traffic Calming – C Street NE is a well-documented speedway that presents a series of safety concerns, and other streets, such as 11th Street NE, have become a convenient shortcut through our neighborhood. Our family-oriented neighborhood deserves a strong advocate to ensure our neighborhood is a safe place for bicyclists, pedestrians, and our family and friends that come to visit. I pledge to fight for traffic calming measures to protect all of us.

Public Safety – Safer streets does not end with traffic calming measures, however. Our sidewalks are dilapidated and some of our blocks are dark at night. I pledge to push DDOT to both make repairing our sidewalks and surveying our lighting for improvements a priority here in our historic neighborhood. I will also strengthen the relationship we have with MPD to address crimes such as car robberies, home burglaries, and youth violence. Your safety is a high priority to me.

Economic Development – Our ANC is often called upon to provide community input on the development of the H Street Corridor. While I have many fond memories from time spent on H Street, smart development includes much more than opening bars and restaurants. We have to keep an eye to the future and realize that we need to add more mixed use development to the area. We live in a diverse neighborhood, and other businesses to serve basic shopping needs should be encouraged to make H Street their home as well.

Better Budgets – An important function of the ANC is to provide input on the City’s annual budget. Our neighborhood is primarily residential, but this fact does not change that we depend on the larger community that we a part of to meet certain needs. I pledge to fight to increase the resources available to us through increased funding for historic preservation and home upgrades, recreation spending, funding for our schools, and incentive packages for lure businesses to our area.

A Stronger Community – Our neighborhood is primarily residential, and we should take advantage of this fact. Neighborhood block parties have long been a way for residents to come together to meet each other and discuss the issues of the day, but the process for obtaining the permits could be better streamlined. Additionally, I pledge to hold additional meetings for our neighborhood to compliment the monthly ANC meetings to make sure we are communicating more than once a month. Whether or not our children attend the area schools or if we even have children, we should all play a greater role in strengthening our ties to the schools that serve our neighbors with children. Taken together and with other ideas of your own, we can develop a stronger community.

Get Involved!

Organizing Meetings – Every Wednesday @ 7pm – Contact me for meeting locations!


You should always feel comfortable in communicating with me, and I would enjoy hearing how we can incorporate your ideas to make a great neighborhood even better. I can be reached at william.mohring@gmail.com.

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