D.C. Health Dept.'s Post-inspection Summary of KPRCG Site Inspection

As requested by Commissioner Raglin, Maria Hille - Program Manager, Bureau of Community Hygiene, DC Department of Health - performed a site inspection in and around the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden on August 18, 2010 to observe conditions that might harbor and provide breeding areas for mosquitoes.

Below is Ms. Hille's post-inspection summary email to ANC7D01 Commissioner Raglin and KPRCG Co-coordinator Bob Coomber. Bob Coomber's email response follows. Emails have been reproduced in their entirety and italicization has been added for reference.

For background on this situation, refer HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Sent August 20, 2010

Dear Ms. Raglin and Mr. Coomber,

On Wednesday [August] 18, 2010 I conducted the inspection at the neighborhood and only found 2 problems, one case of overgrown vegetation that needs to be reported to the proper authority and water logging at a property on E St. NE. I already started investigating on the responsible parties in order to address these concerns. The yards appear cleaner and clear from clutter than last year.

The community garden also looked much better maintained than last year. No debris piles, no standing water, no gross overgrowth. The only item that needs attention is a better layout of the screen material at the mouth of the water barrel to prevent any intrusion of mosquitoes.

Any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Thanks,

Maria Hille

Program Manager / Bureau of Community Hygiene / HRLA
DC Department of Health / Animal Disease Prevention / Government of the
District of Columbia

825 North Capitol St., NE / Suite 8026
Washington DC 20002
Office: (202) 535 -1952
Mobile:(202) 380 - 6944
Fax: (202) 535 -1359
maria.hille@dc.gov / www.doh.dc.gov

Sent August 20, 2010

Thanks Ms. Hille. We will work on getting a better screen.


Bob Coomber

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

I lived 10 feet from that garden for 2 years on 20th St. NE--it was fantastic to look at, pleasant to see children and adults growing their gardens, and always very well-tended. The mosquitoes are a part of this neighborhood, as are the roaches. This may come from the numerous trees and excessive standing water in alleys that haven't been paved in decades. I have to say the yards in this neighborhood are as a whole very well-tended. She sounds like a complete nut. Typical kind of person who uses plenty of inflammatory language and buzzwords to string together what sounds like a terrible situation, but what is really the rantings of a crazy person prone to extreme hyperbole and exaggeration for either attention or a false sense of mission. She is what wastes the time of all the leadership at various levels in this city. I would not, if she emailed my office, bother responding to her. I do pity her and hope she gets the help she needs to live a fulfilling life and stop fighting imaginary causes.