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Hey Folks,

When the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Gardeners asked people to help, Common Good City Farm gardeners sent letters. Now it's KPRG turn to return the favor!

Please take a moment to help save the Gage-LeDroit Park Project and write to the Libraries, Parks & Recreation Committee councilmembers listed below - ASAP!

Background - Common Good City Farm is located on a 3-acre site where the Gage-Eckington School once stood. For over two years the communities of LeDroit Park, Bloomingdale and Eckington have worked with the Mayor and his offices to make sure the site turns into a public community park space.

· We have done everything asked of us by the Mayor's office and acted in good faith to find actual solutions to these challenges.
· This park provides much needed public space for families, children, pets and residents
· This Park provides a public safety benefit
· Thousands of hours of community time have been spent by hundreds of residents to make this a reality

We heard this morning that once again, the PARK FUNDING IS AT RISK. Please help Common Good City Farm and all of our neighbors. Write to and/or call the following people, see the petition below:

Libraries, Parks & Recreation Committee

· Harry Thomas, Jr. hthomas@dccouncil.us (202) 724-8028
Committee Members:
· David A. Catania dcatania@dccouncil. us (202) 724-7772
· Kwame R. Brown kbrown@dccouncil. us (202) 724-8174
· Phil Mendelson pmendelson@dccounci l.us (202) 724-8064
· Yvette Alexander yalexander@dccounci l.us (202) 724-8068

Dear CM Thomas,

I am contacting you about the resolution you have on today’s Council agenda. (Reprogramming No. 18-0096 Disapproval Resolution of 2010". PR 18-0742). Please WITHDRAW this resolution and approve the funding reprogramming of funds that will enable the park on the grounds of the former Gage Eckington School to continue.
I am a volunteer at and supporter of Common Good City Farm, a community non-profit already established on the grounds of the former Gage Eckington School and growing fresh food for low-income residents. This project, as well as the whole Park Project is critical for the community and Washington, DC.

As recently as January 5th, you committed by email to support the efforts to get the contract resolved and moving again. What has changed? My understanding from all involved is that the Administration has done everything appropriate to get this project on track again after the contract missteps.

Why are you singling out our modest park and the $1.5M funds it requires?

For over two years, Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park have worked in good faith with Council, the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and City Administrator and have spent thousands of hours demonstrating the best in our communities to get a much needed project completed. For the second time in 6 months, your office is behind the delay and possible end of this project.

If there are issues with this project that you feel must be addressed, why has there been no communications with the community about them? I stand willing to meet and discuss any of the relevant issues with this project.

(As a resident of the LeDroit Park neighborhood or as a supporter of Common Good City Farm), I implore you to move forward with this park project. I know that there are many hundreds of residents who will be extremely upset if your efforts are responsible for further delays or worse for this project.

YOUR ADDRESS (if in the adjacent neighborhoods)

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