Rosedale Community Center Update...It's Good News This Time!

From Ward 6 Councilmember Wells' Chief of Staff Charles Allen:

At 5:30 pm this evening, the Council took up the emergency contract approval. After an hour of debate, they voted on the measure at 6:30 pm. This is a brief overview, and I’ll get more specifics out over the next couple of days:

The Council voted unanimously to redirect the funds and the responsibilities for work on Rosedale (and several other DPR construction projects) to be managed and directed by Allen Lew and the Office of Public Education Facilities Management (OPEFM).

The fully budgeted $16 million (which includes both planning and construction) is preserved for Rosedale. Of course, we still will have more work to make sure its protected throughout the process.

Councilmember Wells added an amendment that requires DPR and OPEFM to enter into an agreement on the specifics of this relationship within 30 calendar days – his goal is to expedite the agreement so things move forward quickly.

Another amendment requires that all previous work products and planning products be turned over to OPEFM to ensure the work that’s already been completed doesn’t need to be repeated.

As I get more details, I’ll send another update. Please feel free to share this email. And please thank Mary Spencer for dropping off a Rosedale t-shirt for Tommy. He had it up on the dais during the debate to help keep the pressure up with his colleagues to make sure we deliver on a new Rosedale Community Center.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and advocacy,



Charles Allen, Chief of Staff
Councilmember Tommy Wells - Ward 6
www.TommyWells.org - website

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