Rosedale Community Center & Library Needs Your Help!

There is a battle between Mayor Fenty and several Council Members concerning DPR contracts which may affect construction of the new Rosedale Community Center/Library and a dozen other city projects. If the political and legal situation is not solved immediately, we could lose a construction season...or the budget...or EVERYTHING.

Rosedale Community Center ground breaking ceremonies were a joyous celebration. Now everything is under attack.

There will be a Council "Roundtable" on the situation:

DATE: Friday, October 30th
TIME: 11 a.m.
LOCATION: The Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Avenue)

We can stand up and be counted. We can testify. We can make it clear to both sides that they can battle out their problems, but they cannot slow down Rosedale's new center and library. We have to show up in force...political force...neighborhood force...to make sure that the problem is solved without losing a day of our construction schedule.

There are three ways to stand up and be counted:

SIGN UP TO TESTIFY at the rountable...come with prepared testimony no longer than three minutes in length (or shorter). Bring 15 copies to be distributed to the Council. Give your testimony and answer questions. (If you want to testify in person, please call or email Brit Wyckoff with your name/address/phone number NO LATER THEN 8 p.m. tonight (October 27))

COME TO THE ROUNDTABLE but sit together and let RCA Members who testify point out the committed voters who took time off to be counted.

WRITE YOUR OPINION and get fifteen copies to Brit Wyckoff by Thursday (October 29) evening. We'll read out some or all of them at the meeting.

This intensely political problem is scary...and we have to scare the heck of the District Government this Halloween!!!

I apologize for the late notice... but it's important!

Brit Wyckoff
RCA Outreach Committee Co-chair
1701 C Street, NE
Cell: 571-215-2444
email: wyckoff@aol.com

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