New Rosedale Community Center Update

Great News! Council Member Tommy Wells was able to secure $3 million additional capital funding for the Rosedale Community Center – bringing the total amount available for the construction up from $12 million (with an additional $1 million in planning costs) to $15 million. Wells would like to see the additional funding support the construction of a new library branch at this site, and the remainder used to create additional enhancements to the community center design.

Existing Rosedale Recreation Center and Fields

RCA Outreach Committee would like to give BIG THANKS to Ward 6 Council Member Wells, and his staff, for all the continued support for the new Rosedale Community Center. He has been working with Deputy Mayors Office of Planning and Economic Development, Department of Parks & Recreation, ANC6A, Rosedale Grassroots Organization, Rosedale Youth Institute and Rosedale Citizens' Alliance for more than 3 years and it appears his tenacious efforts, along with the multiple community organizations, will finally bear fruit. Wells’ “11th-hour” persuasion for additional funding succeeded in providing the Rosedale community with greater resources that will ultimately benefit the community for generations to come.

Below are some highlights of the new design:

· Exercise Room
· Computer/Resource Room
· 2 Crafts/Multi-purpose Rooms
· Seniors Room
· Teen Room
· Daycare Facility with secure Playground
· Indoor Gymnasium
· Splash Park (adjacent to existing pool)
· New Tennis Court (reduced from 2 to 1)
· 2 Resurfaced Basketball Courts (relocated where tennis courts are now located)
· Automobile Parking Spaces (10)
· Green (Vegetative) Roof
· Existing Outdoor Pool to Remain
· Fully Disable Accessible Facility
· USGBC LEED Certified Building (this has not been confirmed)

Now with additional dedicated capital funds, more amenities could be incorporated, including a new Library wing (probably a future addition). Just a note though, days before city council voted to approve the fiscal 2010 city budget which included the additional $3 million, DPR said the Rosedale Community Center building and site design were final and the project's fall ground-breaking and construction time-line was set. So, how the additional capital funds will be incorporated will have to be discussed rather quickly to keep the construction schedule moving forward and the new community center delivered as soon as possible.

So, stay tuned for more exciting information!

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