RCA June 2009 Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2009

Special Guests in Attendance:

• Kelvin Robinson, ANC 6A08 Commissioner (kelvin.robinson@anc6A08.com)
• Cameron Nerdahl, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting (cberdahl@mactec.com)
• Margret Gentry, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting (magentry@mactec.com)

President/Vice-President's Report

• Thanked everyone for attending.
• Would like to see increased in member participation and attendance to the meetings.
• Requested suggestions on how we can get more participation?

Treasurer's Report

1. Two Expenditures in May:
a. $94 annual rental fee for RCA PO Box (until 05/31/10)
b. $28.45 cost of refreshments provided for the Rosedale Historic Walking-tour on 05/30/09
2. Annual Membership fees ($10) are now due
3. RCA and Garden Accounts' information are available - please contact Pat Thompson, RCA Treasure, for details

Transportation Committee Report

1. MACTEC Engineering & Consulting Benning Road Update Presentation
2. Transportation Committee will present C Street, NE safety concerns to the ANC6A Public Safety Committee at their June 18 meeting.

Outreach Committee Report

1. Rosedale Rec Center Volunteer in Action: Every person considering to become a volunteer with the Rosedale Recreation Center must be filed with the Dept of Recreation as a VIA.
2. At the request of RCA's Outreach Committee, DPR has graciously and expeditiously started a Senior Open Swim (55 and older) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30AM until 12PM at the Rosedale Recreation Pool.

Garden Committee Report

1. Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden is planning a garden party and cookout on the open space adjacent to the garden in late summer, more information to follow on the KPRCG website (sites.google.com/site/kprcommunitygarden) and RCA blog (rosedalecitizen.blogspot.com)

Crime & Safety Report

1. Overall crime down 5 consecutive months in PSA 103
2. Only 1 shooting in PSA 103 in the last 6 months
3. MPD is concentrating enforcement on 16th & E Street
4. Citizens are encouraged to call 311 if they see dumped trash in the streets/alley
5. Note - MPD's PSA 103 (Police Service Area) monthly meeting (2nd Wednesday evening @ 7PM at Miner E.S., 601 15th St. NE) - discuss crime and safety issues directly with the MPD officers that serve the Rosedale neighborhood.
6. Note - ANC6A Public Safety Committee monthly meeting (3rd Thursday evening @ 7PM at Sherwood Recreation Center, 10th & G Streets, NE) - discuss crime and safety issues directly with committee members, including ANC6A08 Commission Kelvin Robinson, Co-chair

Special Presentation

Cameron Nerdahl, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting Project Manger for the Benning Road Reconstruction project provided an update on the construction phasing and a time-line for completion.

Note - if you see any unsafe conditions for pedestrians, cyclist or motorists, due to construction activities, please contact Mr. Nerdahl at cberdahl@mactec.com or 703.609.4667


• Infrastructure (underground utilities) Completed
• Street car rails and median should be complete by August 15 - streetcar rails will be set on the inside lanes (adjacent to the median along Benning Road) and switch at the starburst intersection to the outside lanes (adjacent to the parking lanes) along H Street
• Mural is complete and awaiting the completion of the Starburst pedestrian plaza for installation
• Starburst Intersection to be completed in Spring 2010

Old Business

1. None

New Business

1. RYI is currently planning and coordinating their programming at other local facilities to anticipate displacement while the new Rosedale Community Center is construction, scheduled to begin this fall. For further details, contact John Cotton, RYI, JFCotten187@comcast.net or 301-641-3421
2. Discussed to invite “Roving Leaders” volunteers in the Rosedale area to collaborate with neighbors on community public safety issues. RCA will contact Commission Robinson to coordinate.
3. Willie S. and John C. suggested RCA a lot some time during an upcoming meeting for Rosedale neighborhood kids/teenagers to sit-down and discuss issues concerning them. RCA Outreach Committee will work with Willie and John on this idea to plan and coordinate.
4. Pilgrim AME Church, 612 17th Street NE, hosts a “Youth Night” every Friday evening from 6-9pm.
5. Sondra G. requested RCA consider changing the meeting start time from 7:30pm to 7pm. RCA will post on the listserv and add it to the July agenda for discuss.


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