DC Streetcar Using a Third-rail Power Source

DC Streetcar using a third-rail power source (1450 Pennsylvania Avenue NW - 1952 Plus 57 Years)

Since there is an upcoming meeting with DDOT Director Gabe Klein on the future H Street/Benning Road streetcar line and this 1952 photo of a DC Streetcar on Pennsylvania Ave, beautifully overlayed by Victor Rortvedt and John Sawyer, was recently on view at Artomatic, I thought it might be nice to see how DC powered some 1950's streetcars within the L'Enfant City district. Knowing little about streetcars or the required infrastructure, I am unsure if the third-rail system is even a viable power-source for today's cars, streets or budget. But, at least the photo is a good basis for discussing how to "cleanly" power DC's next generation street-car.

Thank you John Sawyer for allowing RCA to us the streetcar overlay photograph for this post.

Post by Ken Granata

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