RCA February Meeting Agenda - Special Guest, Mayor Adrian Fenty

All are invited to attend RCA's February monthly meeting with special guest Mayor Adrian Fenty*

When: February 2, 2009 7:30PM - 9PM
Where: Rosedale Recreation Center - 17th & Gales Streets, NE



7:30 Welcome & Agenda Review (Necothia)


Mayor Adrian Fenty* – The Mayor’s schedule will dictate the meeting agenda items covered and meeting time-line.


7:35 Approval of minutes from January meeting (Ken)

7:40 Reports

• President/VP Report & Discussion (5 min, Necothia & Karen)
• Treasurer's Report & Discussion (5 min, Pat or Ken)
• Transportation Committee Report & Discussion (5 min, Ken)
• Outreach Committee Report & Discussion (5 min, Necothia & Brit)
• Garden Committee Report & Discussion (5 min, Karen)
• Crime Report & Discussion (5 min, Brenda)


• Update on the Proposed New Rosedale Community Center to scheduled begin construction this summer (10 min, Necothia & Brit)
• Post-(DPR) Rosedale Recreation Program Planning meeting synopsis (10 min, Brit & Necothia)
• C Street, NE Project update (5 min, Ken)
• Proposed 17th & D Street, NE residential development (5 min)
• February is RCA's Annual Membership & Dues "Drive" (5 min, Ken)


• Discuss Capitol Hill Restoration Society’s (CHRS) proposal to conduct a Spring Rosedale Neighborhood “Walking-tour” (5 min, Ken)
• General Discussion, Announcements, etc. (as time allows)

*Please be aware, this is a RCA monthly meeting with a set agenda and topics of discussion** with Mayor Adrian Fenty. This is not a DC Government sponsored meeting and is not an open question & answer forum with the Mayor or his staff. The meeting will be moderated.

** Below are a few RCA Rosedale Neighborhood related questions for Mayor Adrian Fenty, as requested by his office. These questions/topics may or may not be addressed by the Mayor at the meeting.

1. What is the plan for recently shuttered Gibbs Elementary School?

2. What is the current completion time-line for the Benning Road Reconstruction Project?

3. C Street, NE, from 21st to 16th Street, is a 7 lane wide residential street which bounds Eliot-Hines JHS. For years, DDOT has classified this street as a commuter and commercial corridor, allowing nearing 20,000 vehicles to travel west-bound, daily, through C Street into the Capitol Hill neighborhood street grid to reach downtown destinations. For the last 3 years, RCA has been diligently working with CM Wells’ office, DDOT and MPD to transform C Street, NE from a commercial and commuter cut-through corridor into a green, residential, multi-modal gateway for the Greater Capitol Hill Community. Will the Mayor provide political and financial support for such a reconstruction project?

4. What is the definitive time-line to convert 17th & 19th Streets from 1-way back to permanent 2-way north/south travel lanes?

5. Café Roma is a minority, family-owned neighborhood bakery and café located at 18th & D Streets, NE. Recently, it had to temporarily close in-order to refine its business-model and marketing-plan. Is there someone in the Mayor’s office who can act as a small-business liaison to assist Café Roma in utilizing all of the City’s available services? For instance, is there a Focus Improvement Area exception to allow Café Roma to temporarily (30-60 days) post signs (such as a campaign-style sign) in the C, D & 17th Street ROWs?


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'll be able to make the meeting with the Mayor this evening. Can you post his responses to your questions for anyone that can't make it? Thanks!

Ken said...

Meeting Minutes will be posted by week's end. Thank you for the interest.