C Street, NE Finally Gets Trees!

After 2 years of persistent requests, RCA's Transportation Committee successfully lobbied DC government to plant trees along C Street, NE curb-line (tree-boxes) from 21st to 16th Streets. The trees are a welcome addition and are part of a greater goal to reduce vehicular noise and air pollution, heat-island effects and motorist line-of-sight (to reduce vehicular speeds) on C Street, NE.

Before - Corner of C St. & 17th Pl.

After - Corner of C St. & 17th Pl. (Sycamore tree)

A big thank you to Forest Hayes, Co-Ward 6 Outreach and Services Specialist with
Mayor's Office of Community Relations and Services, for making the 1-1/2 year old service request a priority.

South side of C Street, NE in front of Eliot-Hines JHS (Maple trees)

Unfortunately, DDOT's experimental attempt at planting trees (four different species) in the C Street median failed (less a few survivors) 2 years ago. The trees were unable to survive the harsh expansive asphalted environment and presumably succumb to pollution, heat and dehydration.

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Pete Shelton said...

Check out this article on a new type of structural soil that is being used for urban tree planting: http://www.hort.cornell.edu/uhi/outreach/csc/city_trees.pdf.

The key issue here is bulk density and its myriad effects on water and nutrient availability for young, sensitive trees trying to establish themselves in urban environments. Structural soil allows roots to spread out over a more expansive area while also supporting load-bearing requirements for sidewalks, roads, etc.

Structural soil has been used for more than a decade in cities including Ithaca and Syracuse, NY as well as in Sydney, Australia in preparation for the 2000 Olympics. Read more at http://www.hort.cornell.edu/uhi/outreach/csc/.

-Pete Shelton