RCA Transportation Committee Agenda

Below is the tentative RCA Transportation Committee meeting Agenda. Please feel free respond to this post if you have additional items you would like to discuss.

Location: SOVA Cafe (1359 H Street, NE, 2nd floor)

Time: Tuesday, September 30, 7PM - 8:30PM

Tentative Agenda:

1. C Street, NE (21st - 15th Streets) Project (20 minutes)

Present Powerpoint Presentation
Discuss Traffic’s impact of Rosedale, Kingman Park and Capitol Hill
Discuss project achievements and goals

2. 17th & 19th Street Two-way Traffic Pattern Conversion (20 minutes)

Discuss forming a sub-group of interested neighbors to monitor and provide DDOT with citizen input for design and implementation

3. Nationals’ shuttle buses (10 minutes)

Discuss writing a RCA letter to ANC 6A, CM Wells and Nationals requesting the complete prohibition of Nationals’ shuttle buses using residential streets to transport Nats. Fans form RFK Stadium parking lots to Nationals’ Park if the service is continued next season.

4. 11th Street Bridge Project (10 minutes)

Discuss interest in providing information or creating a sub-group to monitor progress and provide input to DDOT

5. D Street, NE (1600-1900 blocks) Speed-hump Application & Petition (10 minutes)

Discuss progress - need volunteers to collect petitions (50% is recommended from each block) and submission

6. Anacostia River Trail Construction Progress (5 minutes)

Discuss trail’s progress

7. New items? (15 minutes)


Ken Granata
RCA Transportation Committee Chair
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