Minutes for the Jan 7 Meeting

Below are the preliminary minutes for the Jan 7 meeting subject to approval:

January 7th Minutes
Location: SOVA Café, 1359 H Street

Rick Uzes, President gave welcome, room did introductions.

Pat Jordan reported that the 501C3 application process is underway.
$10 annual dues start date at next meeting in February

Frank Hankin introduced as owner of SOVA Café. He informed us that should also be a wine and beer bar by the second week of February, with 16 varieties of wine.

Officer Sakulich was our guest officer from PSA 103.

Construction has started on the “starburst” intersection of H, Benning, Maryland, etc. and an intersection meeting will be included in the January 10th Ward 6 ANC meeting held at Miner Elementary School.

Café Roma on 18th and D Streets should be opening soon but the owner is currently out of town.

Ken Granata update on area improvements.
Traffic calming, parking delineation, hydrants, bike lane all proceeding apace on C Street from Oklahoma to 15th Street. Also there is a new radar camera in effect on C Street. Usual hours from 4-8pm in evenings, but occasionally in the morning.

11th Street Bridge project (http://www.11thstreetbridgeseis.com/studyteam.asp ) will become an issue soon along with possible conversion of 17th and 19th Streets into two way streets.

Guest Speakers:

Joseph Cotton

of the Rosedale Youth Institute based at Rosedale Recreation Center. It has non-profit status, was started in 1990, is a mentoring program for youth. He is hoping to get all the neighborhood groups to work together on the new Rosedale Community Center planning and implementation. To that end, Rick Uzes (RCA) and Mr. Cotton (RYI) are applying to the Ward 6 ANC for a $4000 grant to equip football teams. Typical kids are 5—15 years of age. RYI has approx. 70 kids in basketball and 75—200 kids in football.

There is a meeting on Jan. 21st with the grant committee to apply to the local ANC which is referred to the full ANC at their February meeting.

Would like ideas to set up Rosedale Community Center fundraisers. Any volunteers to help with after school programs are welcome.
Hiram Brewton

Neighborhood Services Coordinator for Ward 6.
202-727-7975 Office phone 202 340 7954 Cell phone

Organized a “Fix-It” at 16th and Isherwood. Core team tours an area and notes problems, strategize on methods to cure issues. Fix-Its are determined by the number of calls for service for a specific area. The more calls for service to 311 (or 911) the easier it becomes to get a Fix-It set up. Example was the recent walk-thru of 17th and Kramer. Benches were installed in the small park at 14th Street. Rick Uzes has a PowerPoint developed by the Mayor’s office relevant to the 17th and Kramer walk-thru.

May be future efforts to do joint Fix-Its between Wards 5, 6, and 7. Mr. Brewton will forward RCA a copy of the Core Team newsletter.

Mandie Yanasak

Spoke on the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden. She is assuming an active role as head organizer for the garden. As the Vice President of DC Urban Gardeners her job is to pull together the community gardens. She will be setting up an RCA garden subcommittee with a possible meeting in January 14th at her home, email her for the address. The garden is located in the center of 20-21st and D-E Streets NE. North end.

Brit Wyckoff

Update on Rosedale Community Center efforts. January 16th meeting with Mayor Fenty. RCC has been awarded $24 million for new center and possible $8-10 million for library.

An hour of the February 4 RCA meeting will be devoted to brainstorming vision for Community Center. Rick Uzes will post a list of questions on the listserve for folks to use to develop personal vision to share with group at the February meeting.

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