Coffee Shop coming to 18th and D

From Rick: I was jogging by the corner of 18th and D this afternoon, and noticed a lot of work going on in what used to be La Maison (411 18th) and Jumos (409 18th). The former was a short-lived nonprofit focusing on tutoring and other activities for kids, and the latter a carryout eatery--both owned and run by a local named Julius Johnson. They closed about a year-and-a-half ago, and were sold. Since then, there has been sporadic work going on inside, but little visible progress.

Well, now there are fresh permits posted on the window of 411 (formerly La Maison), dated just a few weeks ago, for an owner named Pietros Kidane. They allow plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work for a new "coffee shop/deli." I actually went inside, and one of the workers showed me large refrigerators they are installing. Apparently, that unit will be a coffee shop/deli, and the other will be a small, wholesale bakery. No word on when they expect to open. The permits expire in 2008.

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mandie said...

hooray! this is so exciting! This is right by Parks Economy, and will hopefully be a great new 'hood gathering spot.