Debate Over Viggys

Liquor licenses for five stores in and around Rosedale are up for renewal : Viggys (15th & D), Friends (14th & H), New York Liquor (14th & Maryland), Capitol Liquor (18th & Benning Rd), and Masters (18th & D). This Tuesday, May 16, the Alcohol & Beverage Licensing Committee of ANC6A met to receive public input on whether the licenses should be renewed.

Out of these five stores, much of the debate focused on Viggys. Some members of the public alleged that Viggys disrupts the surrounding community by facilitating litter, alcoholism, drug dealing, and sales of alcohol to minors. Others defended Viggys, arguing that the situation there reflects problems in the surrounding neighborhood and is not the fault of the owners. The debate highlighted disagreement between Rosedale citizens on the impact of the numerous liquor stores located in and around the neighborhood.

The Committee voted 4-1 to protest Viggy's liquor license. For the other four stores, the committee voted not to protest but pursue voluntary agreements with the owners.

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