Pests Bugging the Garden?

Lorin O'Toole, of the DC Department of the Environment along with Ed Bruske, President of DC Urban Gardeners have offered to come to the garden and discuss Integrated Pest Management.

What is IPM? It's using an integrated approach to managing out garden pests, so we can control the pests that bug our plants without harming our soil, watershed, earth, air, micro nutrients and those good buggies that make the world go round.

What: Learn about the pests that bug you the most.

When: Saturday, September 8th, 10 am.

Where: The garden, organized by the Rosedale Citizen's Alliance, is located behind the 400 block of 20th Street NE. More directions.

BONUS: Anyone that attends will receive a Garden Tool Kit from the DC Department of the Environment. These are amazing canvas bags with various compartments containing 5 helpful gardening tools, a soil test kit, an IPM DVD, and other useful resources.

Please RSVP by Thursday, September 8th so we can have enough kits on hand!


Simone said...

How do I register?

mandie said...

oops. you can email me - myanasak at gmail.com

Danomi said...

thanks for organizing such a great event