Kathy Patterson Visits the Rosedale Rec Center

On the evening of Monday, May 15th, Councilmember Kathy Patterson met with about 45 parents and other concerned Rosedale residents to discuss the need for a new neighborhood Rec Center. Councilmember Patterson chairs the Committee for Education, Libraries, and Recreation, which oversees the budget for DC's rec centers.

The visit was organized by the Rosedale Youth Institute, an organization of Rec Center parents and volunteers, and the RCA. Clinton Sharp, president of the Institute, introduced the Councilmember at the meeting and outlined resident concerns. Also present were local ANC commissioners Gladys Mack and Mfon Ibangha; Frank Crawford, the Director of the Rec Center; Kevin Keegan, the new Police Inspector covering PSA 103; Nancy Rosen from the Hill Rag; and Will Cobb, DC Council candidate for Ward 6.

After the Councilmember answered questions from the audience, Mr. Sharp and Sonja Stanley, Vice President of the Institute, then took Ms. Patterson and other interested persons on a tour of the Rec Center. In this photo, Councilmember Patterson listens while Mr. Sharp shows her the Rec's computer center. Behind her, a staffmember keeps a running list of concerns.

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